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Tuesday, May 29, 2012


It seems about time to post something.

Well, someone gave me this copper piping a few days ago, I cut it into shorter lengths today. They will be perfect for bundling. Thank you so much Kyle.

And here is a nuno felted dress that I made a few weeks ago. First felted and than steamed with cosmos flowers and plants and rusted nails.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Circular reversible felt vest

I sold this reversible circular vest yesterday on the market. I loved it, my daughter loved it and my neighbours on the market loved it. And still it went to someone else, lucky person. It is a great lesson to learn to let go. I will though make a similar one maybe this week. I love using recycled materials, lace and doilies in felt. It is such a great way to reuse them. All the colours in this one were natural dyes, lace included.


Monday, May 7, 2012

A colourful day

We had a fantastic time last week, dyeing lots of samples of wool, silk and cotton in 5 different dyebaths: cosmos flowers, mango leaves, casuarina leaves, red cabbage and inga bean seeds. Although we did a lot in one day, at the end everyone saw the divers results of colour and the endless possibilities with natural dyeing. We used alum as a mordant for wool and silk. For cotton, we choose tannin rich casuarina leaves, alum and soda.

modifying baths, vinegar, ash water, iron water and copper water

 The results: left, I think is casuarina, the orange ones are cosmos flowers, the right ones red cabbage. Unfortunately, I don't have more images from the finished samples.


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