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Monday, May 7, 2012

A colourful day

We had a fantastic time last week, dyeing lots of samples of wool, silk and cotton in 5 different dyebaths: cosmos flowers, mango leaves, casuarina leaves, red cabbage and inga bean seeds. Although we did a lot in one day, at the end everyone saw the divers results of colour and the endless possibilities with natural dyeing. We used alum as a mordant for wool and silk. For cotton, we choose tannin rich casuarina leaves, alum and soda.

modifying baths, vinegar, ash water, iron water and copper water

 The results: left, I think is casuarina, the orange ones are cosmos flowers, the right ones red cabbage. Unfortunately, I don't have more images from the finished samples.


Amber said...

How cool that you make your own dye! When you are out in the world are you constantly seeing flowers and plants and thinking 'that would make the perfect color for my next project'?

lizet frijters said...

Thanks for visiting, Amber. Well it is a bit like you say. I wonder when I see a plant which colour would be hiding in there. It is an exciting journey.


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