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Friday, February 4, 2011

The day after Yasi

Yasi came, brought wind and rain, more elsewhere than here. All together, we were enough to the north of the cyclone, to be spared from a lot of damage. The areas more south are seriously affected with a lot of structural damage and loss of houses. Only one death so far.
It was a long night and we were all very tired. I needed the whole day yesterday to relax.

For dyers like me, there are lots of leaves and twigs to collect. Above are some casuarina and eucalyptus leaves. I have still to find eucalyptus leaves here, that give another colour than yellow or tan.

I felted a poncho today, using a silk piece that I dyed more than a month ago with the eco print. I don't know the name of the flowers. Here is a close image of the flower:

Here is the silk with the flowers and some rusted iron on top of it, ready to being rolled into a bundle. The middle row has fresh flowers, the other rows frozen with bits of iron:

The fabric after steaming

The fabric lays in the other direction here than with the flowers still on.

The flowers turned a more beige colour with iron. I have now frozen the flowers and am dyeing another piece of silk with them in the freezer. I might take that out soon. It has been in there for a few weeks now. I just don't know yet how long to leave it in there, but I am getting curious.

I will post a photo of the poncho in a few days, when I have one.

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