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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Cyclone Yasi

It looks big and will be big. I better go to bed and have a rest, as this will be hitting tomorrow night. It is a monster cyclone.

And if I don't answer emails, approve your comments or answer the phone, this is why.
I hope to be back online soon.


Cash en Els said...

Ha Lizet, succes met de storm morgenavond!! Ziet er heel dreigend uit. Brrr, ik moet er niet aandenken.

Groetjes, Els

lizet frijters said...

Dank u, Els, het is meer en meer angstaanjagend als het dichterbij komt.

Dawn Edwards said...


I sure hope that you're safe and that all is well. Just looking at that image is enough to scare me...It's huge!


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