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Thursday, January 31, 2008

WEARABLES WITH CHARACTER - Art For Your Head and Body with a focus on ATTITUDE!

Featuring Rachel from DREAMWOVEN.

Eclectic is how she describes herself. She seems like a busy bee to me, expressing herself in a very creative way, resulting in extraordinary pieces and I bet they are warm and soft!

I love her style. Check it out:

Art For Your Head "Graciela"

A freeform creation done with a combination of techniques.... felting (fulling), knitting, crocheting, handspinning. She handspun this yarn from some beautiful handdyed yarns and the felted portion is a blend of wool/alpaca.

This is a two piece ensemble... dramatic but with much attitude! It is warm but light weight, funky but elegant. Read more:


Please visit her etsy shop for more of her creations: www.dreamwoven.etsy.com

and her blog; www.dreamwoven.blogspot.com

Friday, January 25, 2008

My Dawanda shop

Check out this item in my dawanda shop

Sunday, January 13, 2008

A fun way to design your garden

I am an avid gardener, always keen to learn more, either from other people or from my own observations.

Starting a garden can bring about many questions, and to be able to fully enjoy it there is usually a lot to consider, especially if we aim for a sustainable garden. Getting the most out of our garden is easier if we design it well.

In such a sustainable garden design, we ask more why, how, how many, what, where, when… questions and than consider the connections between all of them. Or maybe we just have different reasons to take certain actions.

Many times I have immersed myself in projects without thinking profoundly about what I really wanted to achieve, and of course I ended up not getting what I needed. Planning beforehand is so rewarding though, and will diminish the hard work.

There are many different ways of designing your garden. It is helpful to become familiar with the place around you. We can use all our senses; most people however have a preference for one or a few.

Look around, what do you see? Observe what is already there, before you start a big clean up. What resources can you find and use right on the spot? Listen to the noises and smell the fresh air, the plants and flowers. Touch the plants and the leaves. And then smell everything.

Touch, smell and feel the soil. What does it look like? Sit down, close your eyes and visualise your garden the way you wish for it to be. All these observations can bring us creative ideas and are a great help in the design process.

Now you are ready to go into action. Take pencil and paper and jot down all your needs. Let your imagination flow to the full. Think of food sources, materials for clothing or furniture, privacy needs or the beautiful flowers that will spread their fragrance throughout your backyard and make it a paradise for the butterflies of the area.

After that, write down all the possible ways for these needs to be fulfilled. Make sure that you find more than one way to provide for your need. For example, if you need building materials, you can plant timber, bamboo, dig for earth or grow grain and use the straw in your building. If you eat a lot of fruit, plant different species and varieties, this will spread your harvest. Manure, legumes, mulch, compost and many other sources, can provide fertiliser.

You will now probably see the connections between all the elements that you want to put into your garden. Choose the appropriate place for your vegetables, buildings, orchard, and grain crops. Draw your design on a map if you like. You will find that it becomes clearer how your garden will look, and where to start.

Permaculture delves very deeply into every detail of the design and I really like this approach. I started thinking in a whole new way after doing my permaculture design course.

I have developed a tool that can help to make the designing stage more fun. It is a card game and each time I play it with someone, so many ideas come up. It brings about a lot of discussion, different each time, depending on the personalities and desires of the players. You can find out more about the game here.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

I was featured on

http://parischicboutique.blogspot.com/ yesterday.
Check it out here

Monday, January 7, 2008

A glimps of my felt art wearables

white silk felt poncho ©Lizet Frijters

white cotton felt top ©Lizet Frijters

water reflections ©Lizet Frijters

sunset in the jungle ©Lizet Frijters

Friday, January 4, 2008

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Thursday, January 3, 2008

A bit about myself

As a self -taught textile artist, I learned from life and from my mother's enthusiasm in textile works, especially knitting. I have an ongoing interest in organic gardening, textile, art and craft, natural materials, dance, life and many more...
I started knitting at the age of 5 and never stopped working with textiles. Of course I have breaks sometimes and usually can't wait to start a new project again. I seem to never run out of ideas, which is fantastic.
I learned many more textile techniques over the years and feltmaking became one of my favorites.
I am also a designer of cooperative eco-games. You can find my games at
I live in the beautiful tropical paradise of Far North Queensland of Australia and love it here.
I love creating pieces that are beautiful to the eye and soft to the touch. I hope you'll enjoy my work and I love to receive comments, you can comment at the bottom of every post.

If you like to contact me by email: lizet_frijters(at)yahoo(dot)com(dot)au


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