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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Eco printed T-shirt

This is my first cotton T-shirt  that I eco printed and like a lot. All the others are not so great. I used bottle brush, the red one, eucalyptus leaves and onion skins. It is also the first one that I try that isn't my size. Oh well, I will make it fit. I have some recycled cotton sheet fabric that is dyed in the same bath, I might combine both of them into a dress. The first image is the back and the second is the front. 
The T-shirt was mordanted in soy milk and egg.



Terrie said...

Both sides are gorgeous. I've never got the pretty prints on cotton as yours. May be I didn't soak it in soy milk before.

lizet frijters said...

Thanks for visiting, Terrie. This is also my first great result on cotton. Soy milk is really great for eco print.


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