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Friday, September 14, 2012

Settling in

I forgot how much work it is to move house. I am still unpacking boxes after 3 weeks now. Maybe I have too much stuff. I seem to be collecting more and more over the years.

 The front of the house

 and the back

and lots of trees to explore.


Isatinctoria said...

Superbe maison et belle flore qui l'entoure :)
Bonne installation. Isabelle

lizet frijters said...

Merci, Isabelle, pour visiter. Hier, j'ai réorganisée mon atelier de teinture en fermentation. Ce n'est rien de extraordinaire mais je veux l'améliorer. Ohlala, les pH aprés quelques semaines de négligance! Où sont les citrons et la cendre?

Terrie said...

Wow, Lizet, you've a HUGE house. No wonder lots unpacking. Very nice environment and spacious. Admire you.

lizet frijters said...

Yes, Terrie, most of my stuff is craft materials, wool and so on. We love the house and environment though. It is a great move.


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