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Thursday, November 25, 2010

More dye experiments

Next to my market stall at the Port Douglas market, there is a tree that intrigued me. It dropped beautiful red leaves as well as yellow and green leaves at about 6 months ago. So I decided to do eco print samples with the green leaves and the red ones, of course, hoping that I would get a beautiful red. I know it doesn't work like that though. I don't know the name of the tree but someone told me it is called dead horse tree. I cannot find a tree named like that, so it is probably some local common name. The name comes from the fact that the blossoms smell like a dead animal. Anyway, I show the results of my dyeing here, I did them 6 months ago and they have become darker since. The photos are taken a few days ago. I haven't added any iron, just alum.

red leaves

green leaves

green leaves and lemon

As I said, the colours were very pale in the beginning and they gradually became darker. I have seen that more with the eco dyeing. I have it with another piece, I will make photos and post it as well.

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