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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Artists of the North Exhibition – The Theme - EnviroArt:EnviroSmart

This is an announcement for the Artists of the North exhibition 2010, organised by the Cairns Art Society, www.cairnsartsociety.com

Painting by Jacqueline Waters

In a way we are all EnviroArtists as we paint objects in nature, but this time we are asking for more. As Artists and fellow North Queenslanders we have a responsibility to our audience to emphasise current and future problems in our community. Let us make people more aware of the problems we have in our environment. Let us inspire them through our art to change destructive ways. Make art to reflect your response to the current and future problems.

Let us become “EnviroSmart.” We need to live more gently on the earth.

Cairns and surrounds are particularly vulnerable to the impacts of climate change. Along with the peaking of oil reserves, there is over fishing and pollution of our seas and reefs, destruction of our forests and degradation of our soils, all of which indicates that our present consumer way of life is unsustainable. As individuals we can make a difference by being conscious of what we buy and what we use and recycle where and whenever possible.

Some ideas to get you going: paint bushfires and the after effects of bushfires, reef and river pollution, soil erosion, crowded living conditions and its effect on people and environment, drought, flood, heat and rising tides.

There will be an Award for this section of $500 which will go to the most appropriate artwork to depict the EnviroArt:EnviroSmart theme. Judge to be announced later.

As usual you do have the choice of entering in either the themed section or the general open section.

Entry Form:

The Entry form will be released with the Newsletter in the first week in April.

The Entry form will also be on the web site to download shortly.

Entries Close on the Friday 7th May. The Entry fee is $15 for each artwork.


The number of artworks allowable is still two but each individual piece of artwork will be counted as one, that means a diptych is two artworks, no triptychs will be accepted.


These workshops are being tutored by local talented artists.

Mosaics with Dom Johns from Shardworks Mosaic Studio. Cairns

Dom is well known on the International scene. He has held workshops in Australia and USA.He designed and crafted the Mosaic shell masterpiece on the Cairns Esplanade.Let Dom teach you how it’s done. The workshops will be held at Dom’s Studio.

Shardworks Mosiac Studio at 240 Severin Street, Parramatta Park

The two, two day workshops will enable participants to create their own mosaic masterpiece using natural and or recycled materials.

Participants will explore the use of line, colour and texture using simple everyday materials as well as the beautiful ‘smalti’ glass of Venice and Mexico.

Sat 22 & Sun 23 May Times: - Sat 10am – 4pm, Sun 10am – 3pm – Cost $255

Sat 29 & Sun 30 May Times: – Sat 10am – 4pm, Sun 10am – 3pm – Cost $255

What is included: All materials supplied, however there will be a charge should extra materials be requested. A small sample bag of glass/mosaic tessarae will be included in the cost of the workshop. Morning and afternoon teas provided.

What to bring: Drawing book with a few ideas, pen, photos, found objects, recycled glass, old tiles, favourite stones ….think ideas A4 size. And bring your lunch.

Concrete Sculpture by Jennie Scott at Tank 4

Jennie is well known in Cairns, nationally and internationally as a equestrian sculptor. Her life size horse and rider driftwood sculpture was selected for the Swell Sculpture Event last year. In this workshop you will create a sculpture of your favourite dog/cat or some other loved object.

Jennie will provide notes for this workshop. Saturday 22 May 9am to 4pm One day Introductory workshop – Cost $65 materials supplied.

Beginners Knitting with Margaret Pollock at Tank 4:

Margaret will tutor two workshops each will give you the basics on how to knit. Do one workshop or make a day of it and do the two on the same day. Margaret will teach you how to casting on, casting off, increasing, decreasing, knit, purl, moss stitch and stocking stitch if time allows.

If you bring your own needles and wool, you will be able to practice at home afterwards. Suggest size 5 needles and a ball of 8ply wool (not fluffy or knobbly wool), or borrow on the day.

Wednesday 26 May 9 – 12noon Cost $10 – Bring your own materials

Wednesday 26 May 1pm – 4pm Cost $10 – Bring your own materials

Basket weaving with natural materials by Sally Moroney at Tank 4

Children and Mums with daughters or son are welcome to participate. In this workshop you will make a basket using natural materials.

Saturday 29 May 1pm – 4pm Cost $15 – all materials supplied

Introduction to Reverse Shibori with Margaret Pollock at Tank 4:

These three hour mini workshops will give you the basics on a version of the Japanese tie dyeing technique called Shibori. Margaret has added another dimension to this by using a discharge product to remove selected areas of the original dye from a fabric to make an original pattern. An exciting and innovative approach to decorating fabric.

Sunday 30 May 9.30 - 12.30 Cost $10 and a donations of $2 towards the cost of materials

Sunday 30 May 1.00 - 4.00 Cost $10 and a donations of $2 towards the cost of materials

Introduction to Fabric Painting using modern materials with Carol Coates at Tank 4

In this workshop you will do a lot of research techniques using new modern mediums. Fabric painting is no longer just Hobby Text, or hand prints on fabric.

What to bring:

You will need some white material, an old white sheet (available from the recycled clothing outlets), or white calico/lawn all pre washed and cut into 5 or more A4 size pieces.

These can then be stacked and sewn across the middle to make a booklet or kept loose.

A similar number of A4 size paper sheets.

Carpenters pencil and knife for sharpening same, cheap soft paint brush (folk art ok) and some bristle brushes. Your favourite medium.

Insect repellant just in case, hat and reading glasses and a pair of socks.
Thursday 3 June 9.30 – 12.30 Cost $10 plus $10 for paints etc.

Learn to Crochet with Carol Coates at Tank 4

In this workshop we will learn how to interpret a pattern, going in circles, squares, or backward and forward or in a W or zig zag fashion. If any further assistance is required, you will have my contact number, and where I craft. Come along and join us.

Bring your pattern, crochet hook and thread.

Thursday 3 June 1.00 – 4.00 Cost $10 - bring your own otherwise $5 for materials

Beginners Felting with Gloria Mitchell at Tank 4

Gloria has thirty years of Fibrecrafting experience, including spinning, weaving, dyeing, knitting (design handspun) and felting. You could well say fibre is her paint. Gloria has taught “Felt” for 15 years and has designed for and been published in Australian “Felt” and US “Handwoven” Magazines.

Gloria will introduce you to fibres and briefly discuss what will and what won’t felt before we start on the good stuff of doing. It will be a fun ‘show and do’ day and it is Gloria’s intention that you will go home empowered with the basic techniques and knowledge that you can work from. You will enjoy your workshop and take home a small nuno felted scarf and a felted novelty piece.

Saturday 5 June – 9am to 12pm Cost $30 - all materials supplied

Gloria’s second workshop will be a bit more lavish with a vibrant array of threads and fabrics to bind and felt into a one piece embellished cushion cover. Bring any threads and fabrics you would like to work with, feel free to add to what is supplied.

Saturday 5 June – 1pm – 4pm Cost $30 – all materials supplied

Watercolour Workshop with Mike Ferris at Tank 4

Bring you paints and learn how its done. Mike paints fantastic flowers and since holidaying in Florence last year he paints street scenes of wonderful buildings in Italy. You might like it so much to join us for ARTescape, a series of week long painting workshops starting 19 July.

Sunday 6 June 1.00 – 4.00 Cost $20 – bring your paints and paper.

Concrete sculpture by Jennie Scott at Tank 4

In this two day workshop there will be more time to make a much larger sculpture of your liking.Jennie will provide notes for this workshop.

Monday 7 & Tuesday 8 June 9.00 – 4.00 Cost $130 - all materials supplied

Morning and Afternoon teas will be provided in all workshops so bring your lunch if staying for the afternoon.

Carol Laing will be the contact for all the workshops, go to www.cairnsartsociety.com

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