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Friday, December 26, 2008

New Shawls

After some serious struggling with internet access, I finally could add some pieces to my etsy shop.

I have been making some shawls that I'm really proud of.


I liked to picture the foaming waves in the ocean near the beach. I used silk chiffon and also some knitted white cotton to achieve that. I wanted the silk to ruffle so that there would me more life into it. This happened naturally during the felting process.

go to ocean scarf on etsy


This shawl was really playing at good luck and see what the outcome would be. I used silk for this nuno felted piece and 2 thin layers of wool, one on each side. I played with colours and added some fabrics and lace. This is the outcome.

This shawl has been sold.


This time I took my leftovers from other projects and felted them all together in this one shawl. It was very experiental and totally unpredictable, as every part reacted differently to the felting process.

go to royal grace shawl on etsy

1 comment:

MommaYoung said...

OMGosh... These are so beautiful!


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